My dear family members, friends, and colleagues:

I need your help in support of Whitman-Walker Health's fight against HIV in metro DC. 

As many of you know from my prior year asks, I walk and raise funds in loving memory of my brother, Robert Blanchon.  Robert died of AIDS-related complications in 1999.  Not a day goes by here at Whitman-Walker when I do not think of him.  I wish that he was here to see how my daughters--Ella and Josie--have grown into thoughtful, intelligent, respectful, and beautiful young women.  I wish that he was here to laugh, cry, rant, and commisserate about the state of political discourse in our community.  I wish he was here to remind me how handsome he was (fwiw, he did that almost weekly with me!).  I wish he was here so that we all could experience his creative force and voice in the arts.  I wish he was here just to talk to and share the small moments of daily living.  Needless to say, I miss my baby bro.   

As for this year's Walk, I ask that you give as you are able towards my fundraising goal.  I set a stretch goal of raising $5,000 over the next 30 days.  This goal represents my personal commitment to Whitman-Walker's team goal of $100,000.  It means so much to me that you will support Whitman-Walker and me.  I am so grateful for your continued support of my time at this most amazing community nonprofit.        

Yours in service,





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